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OK So What is the Gastric Sleeve?

What is a "Sleeve Gastrectomy" ?   A sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure wherein the entire left side of the stomach is removed. The new stomach which the person is left with is in the shape of a banana and roughly the same size as well. It is one of the simpler procedures, especially in comparison to gastric bypass; this has mostly to do with the fact that no intestines need to be rerouted and connected. A sleeve gastrectomy is different from a sleeve gastrectomy in the sense that it does not require an artificial device in the abdominal area.

Patients who should consider this procedure include:

1. Anyone who is afraid of the long-term results of an intestinal bypass, including problems such as protein deficiency, anemia, ulcers, and intestinal obstruction.
2. Those who do not want a foreign object inside their abdomen such as with a Lap Band procedure which is also fairly popular but comes with a number of risks.
3. Those who cannot opt for traditional weight loss surgery due to the fact that they have a serious medical condition such as Crohn’s disease, anemia, or an extensive history of other surgeries.
4. Any person who takes anti-inflammatory medications because of the fact that they need to be avoided after a gastric bypass procedure. This is not the case with a sleeve gastrectomy however.
This type of procedure can also be a very good idea for anyone who is currently experiencing an issue with their lap band or those who have previously lost quite a bit of weight and do not need to get a full bypass procedure performed. Weight loss with the sleeve tends to be faster and produces results within a very short period of time when it is performed on the person.  

What advantages does gastric sleeve surgery have?

1. No intestines have to be “rerouted” or connected/disconnected in this procedure.
2. There is a minimum of complications and side-effects, such as anemia, protein deficiency, and osteoporosis which can be a problem with other common weight loss procedures.
3. This procedure is the only one that is able to remove the hormone which drives hunger and leads to weight gain.
4. It is much simpler than gastric bypass in terms of how it is performed.
5. No foreign objects are required to be put in your body in this procedure.
6. No adjustments or “fill-ups” are required.
7. Your pylorus will be preserved with this procedure.
8. Those who have a body mass index or BMI of 60+ will find that it is very safe.

Patients with Lap Band complications

Those who have a lap band and have experienced multiple complications will certainly want to think about opting for this type of procedure. Some of the most common problems from a lap band include erosion of the band, slippage, and reflux. By having a gastric sleeve procedure performed and having the band removed, you will be able to avoid all of these uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous side-effects/issues which are so common with those who have the band. A lot of people are concerned about gaining all of their weight back after getting the band put in, but this is not problem with the sleeve procedure.   A gastric sleeve will allow those who get it to maintain their current weight and also lose more weight so they do not become heavier.   This procedure is considered to be one of the safest and most effective with regards to weight loss and weight gain prevention.      

losin weight?

Question by beaner92: losin weight?
if a person weighs 250lbs and loses about 100lbs would they have loose skin because of the big weight loss and is there a way to make the skin not be loose if it is besides plastic surgery

Best answer:

Answer by toeatornottoeat
they would need to lose it slowly and healthy if not there will be alot of excess skin

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Gastric Bypass???????

Question by ~Just Married and Very Happy~: Gastric Bypass???????
I am 24 years old. I have fought with my weight for the past 8 years. Back in 2006, when i had gallbladder and appendix surgery, I lost 70 pounds and then i gained it all back. Please don’t be mean 2 me….I stand 5 foot 5 and i weigh 245lbs. I have tried everything….Diet supplements cause me to have chest pains and i have the test results from the doctor 2 prove it. Plus I am allergic 2 one of the ingredients in every diet pill. I get out and walk every day and i do cardio here in my home….nothing is helping. Heaviness runs in my family….could that be my prob? My mom is little, my nanny(mom’s mom) is now little because she doesn’t eat as much because she is in a nursing home and her mom was heavy. I am heavy, my 21 year old brother is little and my baby brother was heavy till he started doing drugs but he quit doing them and he walks everywhere he goes. My mom’s sister is a little heavy, her oldest daughter is stick thin and her other daughter is a little heavy.

Could my weight be genetic being I have tried everything and nothing has worked? I want 2 be a mom so bad but I know with my weight, I would have all kinds of problems.

I have always thought about having plastic surgery or gastric bypass. I don’t have the money 2 do either one. What can I do?

Best answer:

Answer by Mike
Of course, heavy weight can always be genetic.. Depending on your diet, your exercise, your way of life could be adding to your problems or helping.. I can’t answer that..
Gastic Bypass is surgery but yes it is extremely expensive… Have you talked to a doctor or perhaps a qualified nutritionist?

Either way losing weight can be accomplished through hard work and making fitness a way of life and not just a summer activity… 90% of it is your diet, and the rest is blood, sweat, and tears through cardio exercises.. For some people they need a ton of support to keep it up when it gets tough.

The majority of diets fail when people lose hope that its not working fast enough for them and they get lazy.. It can take months and sometimes years..

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Lap Band Surgery-Mexico or India?

Question by Help G: Lap Band Surgery-Mexico or India?
I am seriously thinking of getting gastric bypass surgery–where should i go–Mexico or India?I want to consider all the factors-cost,safety,long term effects of the surgery,followup and other
criteria that can help me make a balanced decision

Best answer:

Answer by orcaspirits
Neither!!!! Save your money up and do it in the United States, you will regret it (forever) if you don’t.

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Weight Loss Surgery Questions: Which Insurance Companies Pay for Bariatric Surgeries?

Question by : Which Insurance Companies Pay for Bariatric Surgeries?
I have Passport Health Plan which I know pays for Bariatric Surgeries in extreme cases, I happen to be one of those cases, but my elected primary car provider will not send my information (because she disagrees with weight loss procedures) to Passport so I can begin the program to get the Gastric Bypass I need.

So, if you have had weight loss surgeries and your insurance paid for it, what company did you have?

Or, was there another way you financed your operation?
I am not sure where you received your statistics about 85% of people gaining the weight back, with surgery the percentage is far less. In people who loss weight purely through diet and exercise, 95% of them will gain the weight back.

I understand that to keep the weight off requires a lifestyle change – you don’t have any idea about what my lifestyle is right now, so let me tell you:
Since the third grade I have gained 10lbs per year, and I was a very active child.
Since High school, I have gained nearly 20lbs a year, and I participated in a lot of sports.
My weight gain is not due to a couch-potato regiment, it is due to an inactive thyroid which I am constantly on medication for.

Because I have an inactive thyroid, I am expected to continue gaining weight as well as losing hair, having a severe lack of energy, an a highly increased chance of thyroid cancer.

I asked a specific question about insurance companies – not for a lecture about my life which you have no knowledge of.

Best answer:

Answer by mbrcatz
Most do, in extreme cases. But if you’re overweight enough to need it, no private company will give you a policy.

Companies don’t like to pay for it, because it’s only temporary. 5 years after surgery, 85% of the people who survived the surgery are at or above their pre-surgery weight.

In other words, odds are, if you take out a loan to pay for your surgery, by the time it’s paid off, you’ll be back to your pre-surgery weight. Or higher.

Surgery is NOT a quick and easy permanent weight loss solution. The ONLY permanent weight loss solution, is lifestyle change. PERIOD.

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Gastric Bypass Questions: One week out from Gastric Bypass?

Question by Somebody’sMother: One week out from Gastric Bypass?
I am now one week out from surgery and yesterday I felt faint/light headed twice, when I first got out of bed in the morning and in the evening. I am thinking it may be due to the really low intake level as I am still on clear liquids. I am not having any pain, fever, or other symptoms. Is this normal to experience with gastric bypass? I am taking my vitamins, protein, and plenty of water that the doctor recommended.

I sat down and rested at those times when I felt weird and within 20 minutes the feeling went away but my husband is worried about it.

Best answer:

Answer by BabeHeart
You might want to do some research online on gastric bypass and what to expect afterward, or just call your doctor on Monday and make sure your experience isn’t unusual or something that needs to be more closely evaluated.

Take care of you!

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weight loss surgery plz help?

Question by maggie_duvall2000: weight loss surgery plz help?
weight loss surgery plz help?
how can i found a health care that covers this and where can i see where they take it at?

Best answer:

Answer by tallgirl
I had weightloss surgery too but Im not sure of your question. What is it that you want covered? The surgery itself???? And what is it you want taken off? I have quite of information that I will happily pass on if you explain. Feel free to email me.

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gastric bypass surgery?

Question by summerjeans38: gastric bypass surgery?
do you have to weigh a certain amount to get the gastric bypass surgery? and if you do how much?

Best answer:

Answer by AmazonWoman43
You need to be 100 pounds over a normal weight and have many different medical conditions caused by your obesity.

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can people that has had gastric bypass take diet pills?

Question by lynette m: can people that has had gastric bypass take diet pills?
can people that has had gastric bypass take diet pills

Best answer:

Answer by SuperVibrationalEscrow
No. Besides the fact that diet pills don’t work.. gastric bypass is big time life altering health altering surgery. It is nothing to play around with and a lot of people die after having it. So you wouldn’t be able to mess around with over the counter supplements that might have tragically adverse reactions in a tiny stomach pouch. Some diet pills ‘work’ by expanding hugely in your stomach. If that happened in a gastric bypass pouch you would be in big trouble.

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If you have had the lap band surgery, what sort of supplementation do you take daily?

Question by NurseKatie: If you have had the lap band surgery, what sort of supplementation do you take daily?
I know it’s not as much supplementation as with a GBP, but I was just curious.. do you do the protein shakes three times daily, or just take mvi with minerals??? I am really strongly considering the surgery- tired of the “roller coaster” of weight loss programs. Any other advise for me regarding how your life has changed for the better or worse post- op?

Best answer:

Answer by Diane Y
I had lap band 4-16-08 and I am down 50 pounds and lots and lots of inches. I take a multi vitamin plus minerals and my other medications. I was on insulin 4 times a day and now I am on oral medication two a day and if I lose more weight, I was told I would probably be off all of it. My blood pressure medication was cut in half. I do water aerobics for exercise because I have two knee replacements and a metal rod and screws in my back. I do not have to take medicine for arthritis since I have had the surgery. After you get off the diet after the surgery (all liquids for the first week) then soft foods, to me it was an easy surgery (I know surgery isn’t easy, but this was for me after all the other surgeries I have had in my life. I just spent from 7:30a.m. to 3p.m. at the hospital the day of the surgery….no pain meds needed after surgery, what I had was just discomfort, which was tolerable. Never did take any except for some tylenol (two crushed) for a headache that I had and I was told due to the stuff they gave me to put me to sleep, I would probably have one and I did and the tylenol worked and I started driving on Friday, the surgery was on Wednesday and Thursday I was too tired to drive and I have been on the go ever since.
Just do what your doctor tells you to do…each doctor has their own way of doing things and they do know what is best for you. I have been so excited for my weight loss that I have learned DO NOT GET ON THE SCALES EVERYDAY….measure your sucess by how loose your clothes are, your rings that you wear, your shoes these are called NSV non scale victories. You will get to know these. I was so excited when I could cross my legs and tie my shoes and when I had to pull the car seat up to drive…all of these are little things but they are major victories in my life, oh, I flew out of town one week and I didn’t have to use a seat extender. It is just amazing just how I do feel. I am so happy that I did have the lap band and wished I had it sooner. Oh, getting ahead of myself, I drink a protein drink in the morning due to the fact, I just hate to eat breakfast and I have always been that way so you have to have something and I drink Atkins Advantages Shakes, premixed, lots of flavors and you can get them at Walmart, Target, and some of the pharmacies (higher at the pharmacies) They have 15 grams of protein, 1 gram sugar (which they taste like they have lots of sugars) and 2 grams net carbs..I tried really hard for the protein powders but after a little while, just couldn’t get them in front of my nose. I love the yogurts they have sugar content, my nutritionist said nothing over 7 grams of sugar. I really try to stay on the diet, but my surgeon told me, everyone cheats and he told me how to cheat without ruinning everything. He said it is not for everyday to cheat and I haven’t. Sometimes you just want something and if you have a very little of it, it satisfies you. It is not a magic bullet, I have to work everyday for what I done. Getting your mind set for the lifestyle change is hard. You have to learn which kind of hunger you have, head hunger or hunger hunger. I still have problems with the head hunger and it does get better but times it is a pain. Good luck…there is a web site that compares both the surgeries and it is

there is another web site that I go to also and it is a support group for all types of weight loss surgeries and the people there are just great

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Medicaid and Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Question by Lay Lay: Medicaid and Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
Hello! I am 18 years old and I’m in Oklahoma DHS. I have Medicaid, and I thought I was in SoonerCare (I was wrong). Is there any way I can get Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass surgery?

Best answer:

Answer by Flower
I doubt Medicaid would pay for that. You should speak to a dietician about a diet. And an exercise plan.

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