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Can I drink beer after a gastric bypass surgery?

Question by Mikey: Can I drink beer after a gastric bypass surgery?
I am probably going to be getting a gastric bypass surgery within the next few months and am wondering about beer consumption. This is not a deciding factor at all, but I do enjoy the occasional beer.

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Answer by confuzzled
to get the best answer, you should probably ask your doctor

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2 Responses to Can I drink beer after a gastric bypass surgery?

  1. mustangsally76 says:

    No, you can’t drink after the surgery. Beer is empty calories with no nutritional value. A Gastric Bypass patient cannot afford to waste calories. You could literally blow your entire days calories on a beer. Gastric Bypass patients get drunk quicker. about 2 ozs will do you in, no matter how much you drank prior to surgery.

  2. kathy d says:

    my surgeons group states no carbonated drinks. Will fill you up quicker, irritate the pouch and eventually stretch it out. good look on your journey.

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